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I recently updated the About page to indicate why this blog is called “Bacon, Eggs, and Beer”. And I am happy finally to have written something down about the image of a distribution. I’ve been using that technique for well over ten years now, and I’m surprised not to find it anywhere on the Web.

Despite the initial activity here, however, things must proceed slowly. I need a to-do list so that I don’t forget all of the cool things that I want to write about.

  • In the short term, I’ll be writing a sequence of posts on John Paul II’s encyclical, Fides et Ratio. These posts will be part of my preparation for the next meeting of the study group on Catholic teaching and modern science. This group was recently formed at St. Francis of Assisi parish in Longmont, and our first task is to review Fides et Ratio.
  • At some point, I’ll get around to writing an article on challenges to formulating a conception of the Fall that is consistent both with Catholic teaching and with possibilities raised by current scientific theory. There’s lately been a bunch of activity on what I think is the periphery of this subject. Feser has written a good piece explaining why current genetic theory related to the human population does not contradict the Church’s teaching on monogenesis. Still, there is a big hole, in my view, in the discussion related to the nature of the Fall itself. And I mean to write about that.
  • I imagine that, for the study group, I’ll be reviewing some sections of Stephen Barr’s Modern Physics, Ancient Faith and posting about that here next month.
  • In the longer term, I’ll eventually get back to working on my physics textbook, and I hope to blog here whenever I make some interesting progress on that.

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  1. Michael Baruzzini

    Thanks for the link! Hilaire Belloc’s “The Four Men”, which is a fanciful account of walking through Sussex, also famously concludes with a feast of bacon, eggs, and beer. If you haven’t read it I highly recommend it.

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